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180 grade polyester imide enamelled round aluminium wire

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Polyester imide enamelled copper (aluminium) round wire

Item model : (copper) QZY-1.2.3/180 & 0.1.2EIW (aluminum), QL (ZY), -1.2.3/180 & AL-0.1.2EIW

Heat resistant grade : H class 180

Specifications : (copper) with 0.05 - 2.600 & (aluminum) diameter of 0.20- with 2.600

Implementation standards : IEC317-8, MW30-C (A), GB6109.5-88, JIS3202, enterprise standard

Packing : plastic bag + carton, rubber axle, or according to user's requirement

Product features :  high temperature resistance, thermal shock, softening, good breakdown characteristics, suitable for high-speed automatic winding

Applications : high temperature, high speed, frequent start of motor and electrical appliances, such as : vacuum cleaners, motors, washing machines, motors, power tools



Heat resistant grade


Safety tension meter


Thermal life chart



1. Confirm items before use

Enameled wire in the machine before winding use, should pay attention to check the enameled wire model, specifications meet the requirements, so as not to cause abnormal phenomenon.

2. handling process, pay attention to the project

The coating of the enameled wire is very thin, very vulnerable to a sharp object injury, so the handling of the process must be careful to prevent damage caused by collision of enameled wire.

3. storage

First of all, to maintain the integrity of the outer packing line, to prevent the damage caused by the packaging of enameled wire; usually enameled wire storage should be away from dust, metal debris, humidity and sunlight.

4. winding process notes

(1) the winding process due to the surface abrasion of the enameled wire is a layer of insulating coating, prone to scratching metal objects at the corners, so attention must be paid to the mechanical equipment and enameled wire contact parts in the winding process, and minimize the force exerted on the enamelled wire; avoid damage to paint film. To avoid damage to the performance of the enameled wire, the tension shall be referred to the safety tension meter used on the enameled wire during the coiling process".

(2) the tension of the winding in the winding process is applied as little as possible on the enameled wire to minimize the change of the performance of the enameled wire.

5. Removal of paint film

(1) burning method: such as alcohol lamp burning method.

(2) mechanical stripping method: paint stripper special.

(3) chemical reagent treatment: such as paint remover.


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You can send inquiry of our products, it will be replied within 12 hours; you can contact dirrectly with our sales through email or Skype as you like. 

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Professional certificate, if you want to do certification, pls feel free to tell us, we will consider to make it as fact.

3.What about the samples fee? 

Some samples are free, you just need to pay for the freight fee; we will charge some fee if proof produced. Later if an order placed, the sample fee is refundable.

4.What's your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 1 Ton for each size.

5.Is sample available?

Sample is available for testing and can be sent within 3 days.

6.What is your terms of payment?

T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.