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Enamelled wire characteristic

Enamelled wire excellent high temperature performance, mechanical properties, electrical properties and chemical properties and excellent anti freezing performance, equipment is suitable for the condition of 200 DEG C long-term freezing and chemical erosion of electrical equipment, transformer, oil immersed transformer and transformer, epoxy cast iron remover, electromagnet electromechanical equipment.Enameled aluminium wire is not only used for equipment, but also used as the main raw material for aluminum art artists. Enameled aluminium wire was originally used in Arts and crafts, there is a master of aluminum art, Yang Yi, whim, the use of. Its special color and physical nature determine the noble and elegant arts and crafts. The goods have been developed for a long time, not dry, no crack, rust, no decay, bronze nostalgia, lifelike, reputation in the civil. Aluminium works belongs to the indoor display of jewelry, generally small size, can be placed on the desk or shelf, it is also known as frame treasures, the art of life, treasure Ji, is a involves a very wide application to various environmental decorative art form, plays an important role in social services, beautifying the environment exit. Today, enameled aluminum has completely replaced the oxidation of aluminum wire, and more popular with the people.


Enameled Wire Market Analysis

In recent years, the domestic enameled wire market in the rapid development,Enameled wire will be to achieve user diversification, product serialization, business scale to Face this trend. First, increase the research and development of enameled wire investment, the formation of enameled wire development research group. Ahead of the study of market demand trends, ahead of research and development of new products, new technology, that is the market economy and the enterprise flourishing important tips. Then, building enameled wire professional market to start with a high level of market model .We Need to focus on marketing agencies, trading outlets, transportation, warehousing and other services, at the same time we also need to pay attention to the development of market software.